Install MOBI-MAT® temporary roadways quickly and safely with MOBI-ROLL ‘N Stow™, designed to transport, deploy and recover in a few minutes one or more RECPATH, up to 50m long, with or without vehicle.

Quick and easy deployment

MOBI-ROLL ‘N Stow™ can be used manually, or with any vehicle equipped with standard towing coupling.
The mat can be deployed either when driving forward or backwards thanks to MOBI-ROLL ‘N Stow™ reversible coupling.
Two minutes are sufficient for 2 operators to deploy or recover manually 50m of MOBI-MAT®, and only 30 seconds when using a vehicle.

Easy transport and storage

With its 45 kg, MOBI-ROLL ‘N Stow™ is very easy to transport. When dismantled, it occupies minimum storage space.

Robust system

MOBI-ROLL ‘N Stow™ is made of corrosion resistant materials, and is therefore particularly adapted to seafront climate.

Net weight without Mobi-Mat® 45kg
Dimensions : Length 1700mm
Width 1700mm
Height 550mm
Maximum capacity 164’ (50 m) Mobi-Mat® AFX, width 5’ (1.53 m)
People needed / Time of deployment/recovery manual mode advisable 2 persons (minimum 1) / approx. 2 minutes
vehicle mode 1 person / approx. 30 secondes
100% of the parts are anti-corrosion treated


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